Adventures of Power (2008)

89m; U.S. 

Director: Ari Gold

Cast: Adrian Grenier , Jane Lynch, Michael McKean , Shoshannah Stern, Chiu Chi Ling, Ari Gold

Synopsis: An epic rock’n’roll comedy about air-drumming and the American Dream. Small-town mine worker Power loves the beat, but can’t play drums. But after his union leader father calls a strike at the mine, Power discovers an underground subculture of air-drummers who just might hold the key to changing the world.

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America and Lewis Hine (1984)

60m; U.S.

Director: Nina Rosenblum

Synopsis (IMDB): Documentary about early 20th-century photographer Lewis Hine, who helped to expose grim working conditions in American factories and mines, especially the abuse and exploitation of children by their employers. Later, he became the official photographer for the construction of the Empire State Building


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American Dream (1990)

98m; U.S.

Director: Barbara Kopple 

Synopsis (IMDB): Chronicles the six-month strike at Hormel in Austin, Minnesota, in 1985-86. The local union, P-9 of the Food and Commercial Workers, overwhelmingly rejects a contract offer with a $2/hour wage cut. They strike and hire a New York consultant to manage a national media campaign against Hormel. Despite support from P-9’s rank and file, FCWU’s international disagrees with the strategy. In addition to union-company tension, there’s union-union in-fighting. Hormel holds firm; scabs, replacement workers, brothers on opposite sides, a union coup d’état, and a new contract materialize. The film asks, was it worth it, or was the strike a long-term disaster for organized labor?  Won the Oscar in 1990 for Best Documentary.



An Injury to One (2008)

18m; Switzerland

Director: Paul Williams, Kristyne Peter & Anita Gardner

Synopsis: The Mexican miners’ struggle for union independence.

Contact: Kristyne Peter, International Metalworkers’ Federation,


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The Full Monty (1997)

91m; U.K.

Director: Peter Cattaneo

Cast: Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson and Mark Addy

Synopsis: Six unemployed steel workers form a male striptease act.  The women cheer them on to go for “the full monty” – total nudity.






Alethea (2007)

Director: Petra Holzer & Ethem Ozguven | Producer: Petra Holzer & Ethem Ozguven
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007 | Story Teller’s Country: Turkey

 Since the year of 1989, multinational mining companies have been coming to Turkey in order to mine gold using the cyanide leaching process. Eurogold, an Australian and Canadian joint venture, is one of them. Their mine is situated in Bergama. The people living in Bergama and the 17 surrounding villages started to resist the project. The people won all the instances of their legal struggle. However, the mine still operates. The story of “Alethea” is about the people and their long struggle. We followed their struggle since 1996.


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