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Union Maids (1976)

Directed By: Julia Reichert
Runtime: 50 min
Stars: Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki, Sylvia Woods

Synopsis: actions of the time and the current state of the labor movement. Accompanied by a lot of vintage folk music.


Limpiadores (2015)

Directed by: Fernando González Mitjáns
Running Time: 25 min

Website: N/a

Synopsis: Before professors and students arrive for their morning classes at some of London’s most prestigious universities, these are the people who are finishing work. Fleeing the social and political instability of their home countries, many Latin Americans come to London looking for work opportunities and a safe environment to raise and educate their children. In turn, they are confronted with discrimination, labour exploitation and social “invisibility”. Outsourced as cleaning staff, Latin American immigrants have suffered for years in the hands of profit-led outsourcing businesses.


Last Reel (2015)

Directed by: Steven Bognar
Running Time: 8 min

Website: N/a

Synopsis:  Film projectionists at the Little Art Theatre in Ohio speak about the craft of 35mm projection and the heartache in transitioning to digital formats, feeling the loss of yet another handcrafted profession.


If You Could Walk In My Shoes (2015)

Directed by: Ricardo E. Causo
Running Time: 27 min

Website: N/a

Synopsis: Roberto Marquez is an artisan from Ecuador, who immigrated to the United States over 14 years ago. He has been living and working in New York City as a shoe cobbler, and is an undocumented immigrant. In 2013, Roberto, and his wife Maria, welcomed a baby girl into their family. A first-generation American Citizen. Roberto struggles to support his family, here and abroad. In spite of the odds they are up against, he reflects on his own life, and the future he wants for his family


Harlan County USA (1976)

Directed by:  Barbara Kopple
Running Time: 103 min
Starring:  Norman Yarborough, Houston Elmore, Phil Sparks

Website: N/a

Synopsis: A filmed account of a bitterly violent miner strike.


We The Workers (2017)

Directed by:  Wen Hai
Running Time: 174 min

Website: N/a

Synopsis:After an imposing opening in which Chinese labourers work on a giant metal construction and the sounds of angle grinders and hammers on metal come together rhythmically, the documentary switches to the seamier side of the Chinese economic miracle – the exploitation of hundreds of millions of workers. Experiences gathered by specialised bureaus defending workers’ rights expose a practice of underpayment, bad working conditions and wrongful dismissal. Activists are arrested and abused – sometimes by criminals, sometimes just by the police. Lawyers are pestered and discouraged from taking cases. The bureaus themselves are regarded by the state as troublemakers, but they are the ones encouraging workers not to strike and to solve disagreements under the law. Yet some keep their doors permanently locked and only let people they know inside, for fear of reprisals. In terms of labour rights, China is several decades behind Europe, and people who want to do something about that are subjected to intimidation. Or worse.

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Great Unsung Women of Computing: The Computers, The Coders and The Future Makers (2016)

Directed by:  Kathy Kleiman, Jon Palfreman and Kate McMahon
Running Time: 48 min
Starring: N/a


Synopsis: In the United States, women are vastly underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) fields, holding under 25% of STEM jobs and a disproportionately low share of STEM undergraduate degrees. Great Unsung Women of Computing is a series of three remarkable documentary films that show how women revolutionized the computing and Internet technology we use today, inspiring female students to believe that programming careers lie within their grasp.

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