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Inside Lara Roxx (2011)


Directed by Mia Donovan
documentary feature (60 minutes)

In the spring of 2004, 21-year-old Lara Roxx left her hometown of Montreal and headed to L.A to try and make a ton of cash in the adult entertainment industry. Within two months of working in this industry she contracted the most virulent form of HIV while performing sex in front of the camera. This documentary is about the adult movie industry and its impact on a young life. Lara Roxx was hired legally and both men she had sex with tested negative for HIV—paperwork to this effect was presented to Roxx prior to shooting the scene. Miss Roxx’s story created a media sensation, but it’s when the media hype dies that Inside Lara Roxx begins – in a psychiatric ward in Montreal. Inside Lara Roxx follows this unlikely young woman through a tumultuous 5-year period as she struggles to build a new identity and find hope in the wake of her past.


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License to Pimp (still in production)


Director: Hima B

Synopsis: License to Pimp is a feature documentary about the choices that three San Francisco strippers make as their workplaces engage in illegal labor practices.  Strip clubs refuse to pay strippers even minimum wages & actually charge them for the privilege to work.  I worked in half of San Francisco’s strip clubs during the 1990s and witnessed how co-workers felt economically pressured to engage in prostitution to make their quotas to avoid being fired.  Now as a filmmaker, I uncover current working conditions & try to find out how strip clubs are able to operate outside the law.



Confessions of a Sex Tourist


Director: Puja Khosdhsorur


Turning a Corner (2006)

59m; U.S.

Director: Salome Chasnoff

Cast: Joanne ArchibaldBrandy Baldwin and Juan Barbieri

Synopsis (IMDB): Turning a Corner tells the stories of people involved in sex work and their efforts to raise public awareness of systemic injustice and promote needed reforms. Created with 15 members of Prostitution Alternatives Round Table (PART), this groundbreaking film recounts their struggle with homelessness, violence, and discrimination, and gives rare insights into the harsh realities of Chicago’s sex trade industry


Two or Three Things I Know About Her (2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle) [1967]

90m; France

Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Cast: Joseph Gehrard, Marina Vlady and Anny Duperey

Synopsis: Prostitution becomes a metaphor for marriage and for working class; selling one’s body for food, shelter and consumer goods.


Winter Story (Dong tian de gu shi) [2007]

102m; China

Director: Zhu Chuan-ming

Cast: Mao Mao, An Qi

Synopsis: Broad, realistic love story set in a cold winter in a poor outer suburb of Beijing. In the middle of the bustle and the crowds, a clothes seller and a prostitute find each other. But will it make them any happier?

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Xica da Silva (1976)

Release Date: 1996   Duration: 107 min
Cast: José Wilker

Xica da Silva (released as Xica in the United States) is a 1976 Brazilian film directed and written by Carlos Diegues, based on the novel by João Felício dos Santos pt:João Felício dos Santos. It stars Zezé Motta, Walmor Chagas and José Wilker. It was chosen as the Brazilian submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 49th Academy Awards, but it failed to get a nomination. The film is based on the novel Memórias do Distrito de Diamantina, written by João Felicio dos Santos (who has a small role in the film as a Roman Catholic pastor). It is a romanticized retelling of the true story of Chica da Silva, an 18th century African slave in the state of Minas Gerais, who attracts the attention of João Fernandes de Oliveira, a Portuguese sent by Lisbon with the Crown’s exclusive contract for mining diamonds, and eventually becomes his lover. He quickly asserts control, letting the intendant and other authorities know that he’s onto their corruption scheme. Eventually Lisbon hears of João’s excesses and sends an inspector. José, a political radical, provides Xica refuge.