2013 Global Labor Film Festival

24 Jan

Global Labor Film Festival Launches on May DayGLF_logo_Final6
The first-ever Global Labor Film Festival kicks off on May Day 2013, as labor film festivals from around the world launch more than a dozen screenings of labor films, from the classics like Salt of the Earth and Reds to brand-new films like Dreamwork China, Harvest of Empire and The War on Whistleblowers. The Global Labor Film Festival is an opportunity to showcase the growing worldwide scope of more than two dozen film festivals focused on films about work, workers and their issues. Labor film festivals around the globe will screen a labor-themed film of their choice during the month of May, chosen because May 1 — International Workers’ Day — is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries. Click on links below for full details; additional logos also available below.

Barre, VT: May 5: Salt of the Earth (Labor Film Night at the Socialist Labor Party
Delray Beach. FL: May 15; Set for Life; Divide & Never Got a Dime; Delray Beach, Florida: (Workers Unite Film Festival SouthEast)
Dublin, Ireland: May 25: The Angels’ Share (Progressive Film Club)
Haifa, Israel: May 1: Sharqiya (Haifa International Labor Film Festival)
Istanbul, Turkey: May 3: The Invisible Subtitler (Laborfest Turkey)
London, UK: May 12: Fire in Babylon (London Socialist Film Co-op)
London & Manchester, UK: May 1 & 2: Burn (London Labour Film Festival)
New York City, NY: May 16: Iron Slaves, In Dreamworks China, Salty Dog Blues, Land, Rain and Fire, Frozen Happiness, The Welfare Myth (Workers Unite Film Festival)
New York City, NYMay 10: My Son the Fanatic (Labor Goes to the Movies)
Norway: May 1: A virtual labor filmfest, 24 hours of recommendations – and links – to online labour films and trailers (Norwegian May 1st Labour Film Art Fest)
Rochester, NY: May 1: Reds (Rochester Labor Film Series)
San Diego, CA: May 1: Ghosts with Shit Jobs (May Day Workers Film Festival)
San Jose, CA: May 1: AbUSed: The Postville Raid (Reel Work Labor Film Festival)
San Pedro, CA: May 18: North Country (San Pedro Labor Fest)
San Francisco, CA: May 1: Dreamwork China (San Francisco LaborFest)
Santa Cruz, CA: May 1: Harvest Of Empire (Reel Work Labor Film Festival)
Washington, DC: May 7: The War on Whistleblowers (DC Labor FilmFest)
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia: May 4: We Work to Live! (Australian International Labour Film Festival)

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