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As of December 2016. If you have info about a missing labor film festival — or updated info on one of those listed below — please email us at

Barre, Vermont: Labor Film Night at the Socialist Labor Party Hall
Bristol, South West England: Bristol Radical Film Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Construir Cine Film Festival
Burlingame, California (need 2015 info): Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival
Canada: Canadian Labour International Film Festival
Dublin, Ireland: Dublin Workers Film Festival
Dublin, Ireland: Progressive Film Club
Dundalk, MD: Epic Moments In U.S. Workers’ History
Glasgow, Scotland: GMB Glasgow General Apex Branch Labor Films
Haifa, Israel: Haifa International Labor Film Festival
Homestead, Pennsylvania: Battle of Homestead Foundation Movie Program
Honolulu, Hawaii: LaborFest Hawaii
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir: Turkey International Labor Film & Video Festival
London, UK: London Labour Film Festival
London, UK: London Socialist Film Co-op
Madrid, Spain: Muestra de Cine y Trabajo (Labor Film Program)
Malmö, Sweden: Nordic Labour Film Festival
Milan (Sesto San Giovanni), Italy: Labour Film Festival
Missoula, Montana: Montana Labor Film Festival
New South Wales, Australia (need 2015 info):  Australian International Labour Film Festival
New York City, New York (need 2015-2016 info): Labor Goes To The Movies
New York City, New York: Workers Unite! Film Festival
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Americans in Struggle
Rochester, New York: Rochester Labor Film Series
San Diego, California: May Day Workers Film Festival
San Francisco, California: LaborFest International Working Class Film and Video Festival
Santa Cruz, Monterey & Santa Clara, California: Reel Work May Day Labor Film Festival:
Santa Fe, New Mexico: Santa Fe Labor Film Festival
Sao Paolo, Brazil: Brazilian International Labour Film Festival
Seattle, WA: MayWorks
St Louis, MO: Labor Day Week 2015 Film Festival
Taipei, Taiwan: Taiwan International Labor Film Festival
Tolpuddle, UK: Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival
Washington, DC: DC Labor FilmFest 

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Dublin Workers Film Festival

October 1, 2016dublin-workers-film-fest
Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 1
Cinema celebrating working people – solidarity with all those denied the right to work

For tickets & more information visit Facebook

1P: Black Girl
Pioneering 1966 film by Ousmane Sembéne which deals with migrant work and  exploitation. This film explores female migrant work and exploitation.
In French with English subtitles.

3p: Matewan
In 1920s USA miners organise in the face of brutal oppression.

6:30p: Pride
The uplifting true story of the solidarity campaign by lesbians and gay men during the 1984 miners’ strike in Britain.
Followed by Q & A session with Gethin Roberts, an original member of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM).

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Americans in Struggle

Latest: Fall 2016, September 8 – November 3; see below for schedule

Founded: 2011PUP-series-Koch2

John Dodds, Director, Philadelphia Unemployment Project
Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.

Venue: Thursday Nights at 6 PM
Community College of Philadelphia
Winnet Student Life Building Room S2-3
17th Street below Spring Garden
Campus Map
Philadelphia, PA
Refreshments from 5:30- Brief discussion following the film

Learn about some of the struggles the American people have waged over our history or continue to wage in order to expand our rights and make a more just society.

September 8- Organizing in the Great Depression, The Bonus Army, Southern Tenant Organizing Committee, Steelworkers Organizing Committee- Workers winning and losing in great struggles during the 1930s.
September 22- I Am Boricua, Just So you Know- The History of Puerto Rico with Rosy Perez, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.
October 6- 41st and Central, the Untold Story of the LA Black Panthers- The growth and repression of the Black Panther Party in California and America.
October 20- The Koch Brothers Exposed- How the billionaire brothers are trying to buy elections and fight progressive change in America
November 3- Fruitvale Station- Excellent Hollywood film on the real life story of a police killing of a black man- Black Lives Matter!
Sponsored by the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Philadelphia AFL-CIO, SAG-AFTRA, APM, PhilaPOSH, AFSCME DC 47, Neighborhood Networks, Coalition of Labor Union Women. For more information call 215-557-0822.

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Dundalk, MD: Epic Moments In U.S. Workers’ History*

Fall 2014; being offered again in spring 2016. The classes are 90 minutes long so I show most of them all the way through, but obviously Harlan County and American Dream are too long so I had to cut them off (though anyone who wanted to stay was welcome). I did background on each of the strikes, and provided background on-line.

1. October 2–The Factory Girls of Lowell Massachusetts in 1836
Daughters of Free Men
2. October 9–The 1877 Railroad Strike
1877: The Grand Army of Starvation
3. October 16–Homestead steel strike of 1892
The River Ran Red
4. October 23–Pullman car strike of 1894
Palace Cars and Paradise
5. October 30–The Uprising of the 20,000 in 1909
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl
6. November 6–The textile workers national strike of 1934
The Uprising of ‘34
7. November 13–The Flint sit-down strike of 1936-37
The Great Sit-Down
8. November 20–The Memphis sanitation workers strike of 1968
At The River I Stand
9. December 4–The Brookside Mineworkers strike of 1972
Harlan County, USA
10. December 11–The P-9 strike against Hormel in 1985-86
American Dream

The Community College of Baltimore County
Bill Barry—instructor
(410) 426-3966

* This is a class, not a festival, but it has many similar elements and may be useful for those organizing either labor film festivals or labor film classes


Australian International Labour Film Festival

Latest: September 2015? 
: New South Wales

Australian International Labour Film Festival (outdated)

Facebook page (more up to date)

Sandra Pires
Tel: + 61 2 4285 3545



Battle of Homestead Foundation Movie Program

Latest: May-October 2014 (7 films; program TBA)Battle-of-Homestead-pumphouse
Founded: 1990
Venue: The Pump House, Homestead, PA

“The Healthcare Movie” (5/14)
“Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman” and “Unveiling the Scars” (7/30)
“Modern Times” (9/24)
“Norma Rae” (10/15)

The Battle of Homestead Foundation (BHF) is a diverse organization of citizens, workers, educators and historians. It’s purpose is to preserve, interpret, and promote a people’s history focused on the significance of the dramatic labor conflict at Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1892. While the many consequences of that tragic event persist in society, the sole existing structure of the 1892 Homestead Steel Works is the site of the battle itself, Pump House No. 1 , located in Munhall, Pa. Toward those goals and objectives, BHF was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit corporation for charitable and educational purposes. BHF evolved from the Homestead Strike Centennial Commemorative Committee, founded in 1990.

After the dismantling of the historic Homestead Steel Works in the 1980s, then-owner Park Corporation performed restorative work on the Pump House. In 1996, BHF was formed in response to Park’s efforts, developing plans for a minimalist interpretive program for the site. Park welcomed the initiatives, and subsequent owners and developers, Continental Real Estate, also proved hospitable. Today the site is owned and benevolently operated by Steel Industry Heritage Corporation, who also offer many educational programs, tours, and events related to the Pump House as well as other local points of interest.

Since 1990, an impressive list of productions and events pertaining to the Pump House have been presented, supported, and organized by BHF.

Contact: 412-848-3079 or 724-935-2677
Charles McCollester

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Santa Fe Labor Film Festival

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Founded: 2015
Latest festival; May 1-3, 2015

Santa Fe Labor Film Festival is dedicated to providing its community with films, panels and events that inform, educate, motivate and celebrate labor through the moving image arts and cinematic world.

2015 Schedule

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