Global Labor Film Festival: London, UK

15 Jan

Sunday 12th May 2013FireInBabylon
London Socialist Film Co-op
The Renior Cinema (Brunswick Square, London WC1; phone: 08717-033 991); doors open at 10.30am and screenings start at 11.00am. 

Stevan Riley, UK 2010 (12A), 83 mins
This film charts the rise of the iconic West Indies cricket team to dominate the world in Test Match cricket. Set against the background of colonisation and slavery, apartheid in South Africa, civil unrest in the Carribean and race riots in England, the cricketers become a mouth piece for a generation opposing the world wide prejudices of Babylon. Interviews and dynamic filming bring their skills to life, illustrate the spread of consciousness and inspire creative cultures across the Carribean.

Official selection London Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival.

Discussion led by Luke Daniels, President, Carribean Labour Solidarity Camp; Tony Dykes Director, Action for Southern Africa and Dan Carrier, film critic of the Camden New Journal Showing with short: MAN: ONE FAMILY, directed by Ivor Montagu, GB 1946, 17 mins


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