Global Labor Film Festival: London & Manchester

15 Jan
Global Labor Film Festival: London & Manchester

The London Labour Film Festival will be premiering the film Burn as part of the Global Labor Film & Video Festival.

– Burn London: Wednesday 1st May 2013; Curzon, Soho, London 18:00-20:30
– Burn Manchester: Thursday 2nd May 2013; Odeon, the Printworks, Manchester 18:00-20:30

To book tickets:

This event is the UK premiere of BURN and is sponsored by the UK Fire Brigades Union (FBU).

BURN is a feature documentary about Detroit, Michigan, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead. BURN captures a year in the lives of Detroit firefighters, who have an up-close view of the best and worst in any city. This is especially true for Detroit. Detroit is a picture of American industrial cities in a post-industrial age: One foot in a prosperous past, struggling to survive in a changing economy. Since 1950, racial tensions and vanishing industry have cut Detroit’s population in half from 1.8 million, leaving behind 80,000 abandoned structures, or kindling, as the firefighters call it. The result is a dying city with one of the highest arson rates in the world. Los Angeles, a city of 4 million people, sees 11 structure fires per day. Compare that to Detroit, which has 713,000 residents and 30 structure fires a day.

Because, in Detroit, social problems manifest themselves in one way FIRE.

BURN is about an exceptional breed of men and women who battle that beast, despite low pay, dysfunctional gear, under life-threatening conditions. And they do it with camaraderie and a remarkable sense of humor. They’re certainly not here for the money their starting salary is $30,000 and they haven’t seen a raise in 10 years.

Closer than you’ve ever been, BURN takes you into the fires and into the hearts of the men who fight them, exploring human struggles, hope and personal courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

The film may be told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, but BURN isn’t just about a single city. It’s about all national first responders, whose budgets are on the chopping block. It’s about the people you hope will make it to YOUR house when there’s a fire.

A significant portion of any proceeds from the film will go to the Leary Firefighters Foundation to purchase much-needed gear for Detroit firefighters.

This event is the UK Premiere of BURN and is sponsored by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in association with the London Labour Film Festival (cinema celebrating working people).

There are tickets available to both firefighters and the public, these are limited, so please book early.

The event will begin with a drinks reception at 18:00. Screening and introductions 18:30-20:30

**all timings are approximate


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