Global Labor Film Festival: New York City, NY

15 Jan

May 16: Salute to the Global Labor Film Festival features a mix of international and “frontline” US labor films; Cinema Village at 22 east 12th Street off University Place NYC

4-6p: Iron Slaves, (Pakistan) In Dreamworks China, (China) and Salty Dog Blues (US); Former globe-traveling merchant marines talk about the absorption of the NMU into the Seafarers International Union
7-8p: Frontline films from TWU International: Land, Rain and Fire and Frozen Happiness (US and Mexico) about the teacher’s strike in Oaxaca and the government’s repression.
10-11p: The Welfare Myth (Slovakia) About the end of the welfare state thanks to “democracy and the free market.”

Workers Unite Film Festival
The NYC festival runs from May 10-19; complete schedule now posted!


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