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Working Girl (1988)

113m; U.S.

Director: Mike Nichols

Cast: Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver

Synopsis (IMDB): Tess McGill is a frustrated secretary, struggling to forge ahead in the world of big business in New York. She gets her chance when her boss breaks her leg on a skiing holiday. McGill takes advantage of her absence to push ahead with her career. She teams up with investment broker Jack Trainer to work on a big deal. The situation is complicated after the return of her boss.


The Trotsky (2009)

120m; Canada

Director: Jacob Tierney

Cast: Liane Balaban, Jay Baruchel and Taylor Baruchel

Synopsis: Leon Bronstein is a high school student in Montreal West who is absolutely convinced he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky.  After leading a hunger strike with some of his fellow private school peers against his father, the owner of a textile factory who will not allow the workers to unionize, Leon is sent to public school.  There he finds apathy, but also potential and begins to organize a student union, while also pursuing an older woman he is convinced he must marry.  A very funny and smart film that includes a lot of genuine moments about the power of organizing, and a lot of jokes about labor and left-wing history.



The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

99m; U.S.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch

Cast: Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart and Frank Morgan

Synopsis (IMDB): In Budapest, Hungary, the Matuschek and Company store is owned by Mr. Hugo Matuschek and the bachelor Alfred Kralik is his best and most experienced salesman. When Klara Novak seeks a job position of saleswoman in the store, Matuschek hires her but Kralik and she do not tolerate each other. Meanwhile the lonely and dedicated Kralik has an unknown pen pal that he intends to propose very soon; however, he is fired without explanation by Matuschek in the night that he is going to meet his secret love. He goes to the bar where they have scheduled their meeting with his colleague Pirovitch and he surprisingly finds that Klara is his correspondent; however, ashamed with the unemployment, he does not disclose his identity to her. When Matuschek discovers that he had misjudged Kralik and committed a mistake, he hires him again for the position of manager. But Klara is still fascinated with her future fiancé and does not pay much attention to Kralik.


We Can Do That (Si Puo Fare) [2008]

111m; Italy

Director: Giulio Manfredonia

Cast: Claudio Bisio, Anita Caprioli and Giuseppe Battiston

Synopsis: Soulful and funny, We Can Do That is a kind of modern fairytale with dramas, downfall, and unexpected success, which helped it become a huge box-office success in Italy. In Milan in 1983, trade unionist Nello is too leftist for his publisher and too right-wing for his girlfriend. Sent to run a cooperative of mental patients, Nello decides to organize them into a practical workforce. The group decides that installing mosaic parquet floors is the best option. It’s Nello’s exceptional patience that allows him to deal with the multitude of idiosyncrasies, turning each patient’s particular eccentricity into a valuable skill. Soon, the workers become sought-after specialists and are making real money—and then making demands! The co-op starts this adventure of normality with touching naivety, but not everyone is ready to confront reality. This moving, inspiring story is balanced with good humor and understanding so that we may all laugh with, and not at, common human foibles.

Contact: Rizzoli Audiovisivi


Slim (1937)

85m; U.S.

Director: Ray Enright

Cast: Pat O’Brien, Henry Fonda and Stuart Erwin

Synopsis (IMDB): A veteran lineman takes an awe-struck young farmer under his wing, but problems arise when he introduces him to his occasional girlfriend, a pretty nurse.


The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)

99m; U.S.

Director: Richard Quine

Cast: Judy Holliday, John Williams and Paul Douglas

Synopsis (IMDB): Laura Partridge is a very enthusiastic small stockholder of 10 shares in International Projects, a large corporation based in New York. She attends her first stockholder meeting ready to question the board of directors from their salaries to their operations. These are not the questions which the board expected to be asked of them, especially since they are all crooked, except for Edward McKeever, the current CEO who has resigned in order to take an advisory position at the Pentagon. Following the meeting, he bumps into Laura and offers to drive her home. On the way there, Laura displays her enthusiasm for being a stockholder, as a result, Edward takes a liking to her. With Edward in Washington, John Blessington and Clifford Snell establish their hold on International Projects – They see greater riches now that Edward has influence with the US senate, especially with the awarding of federal contracts.


Somers Town (2008)

71m; U.K.

Director: Shane Meadows

Cast: Thomas Turgoose, Ireneusz Czop and Piotr Jagiello

Synopsis: Two teenagers, both newcomers to London, forge an unlikely friendship over the course of a hot summer. Tomo (Thomas Turgoose) is a runaway from Nottingham; Marek (Piotr Jagiello), a Polish immigrant, lives in the district of Somers Town, between King’s Cross and Euston stations, where his dad is working on a new rail link. When Marek agrees to let homeless Tomo move into his room, unbeknownst to his father, the pair forms a strong bond, as they work odd jobs for an eccentric neighbor and compete for the attention of Maria, a beautiful young French waitress whom they are both infatuated with. But it’s only a matter of time before Marek’s dad discovers what’s going on…


Stanley and Iris (1989)

104m; U.S.

Director: Martin Ritt

Cast: Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro and Swoosie Kurtz

Synopsis (IMDB): An illiterate cook at a company cafeteria tries for the attention of a newly widowed woman. As they get to know one another, she discovers his inability to read. When he is fired, she takes on trying to teach him to read in her kitchen each night.



The Stars Look Down (1940)

110m; U.K.

Director: Carol Reed

Cast:  Michael RedgraveMargaret Lockwood and Edward Rigby

Synopsis (IMDB): Davey Fenwick leaves his mining village on a university scholarship intent on returning to better support the miners against the owners. But he falls in love with Jenny who gets him to marry her and return home as local schoolteacher before finishing his degree. Davey finds he is ill-at-ease in his role, the more so when he realises Jenny still loves her former boyfriend. When he finds that his father and the other miners are going to have to continue working on a possibly deadly coal seam he decides to act.



The Best Typist in the World (El Mejor Mecanógrafo del Mundo) (2005)

Director: Rafa Piqueras

Since he was a child, Ernesto Casanova always knew that he would be the best typist in the World. We’re in the 70’s, he’s 35 years old and he works for a lawyer’s office as a typist. He’s secretly in love with the office’s secretary. Life flows in a pleasent routine, but one day, Mr. Robledo, the boss, decides to introduce the technologic renovation in the office and he buy a new computer. Casanova thinks that this is the end.