Working Title Film Festival

08 Oct
Working Title Film Festival

Latest: 9 to 14 May 2022
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Founded: 2016

Synopsis: Film festival about work, with a view to present independent audiovisual production about the world of work, and the several topics related to it, through original points of view and languages.
The goal is to offer visibility to not-mainstream audiovisual works and to the emerging cinema, building a network that links independent filmmakers and the audience.
The festival wishes to provide a contemporary point of view on the latest employment models and conditions, focusing not only on their negative aspects, and bond to precariousness, fragmentation, and a reduction of the workers’ rights, but also creative opportunities.

We are an independent festival, promoted by LIES – Laboratorio dell’inchiesta economica e sociale, an association active in the Veneto region (mainly in the cities of Padova and Vicenza) since 2011.

The 4th edition of the festival in 2019 featured an international competition of 20 films and with 30 hosts from 10 different countries besides Italy.

Artistic direction: Marina Resta;
Press office: Giulio Todescan;


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