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Australian International Labour Film Festival

Latest: September 2015? 
: New South Wales

Australian International Labour Film Festival (outdated)

Facebook page (more up to date)

Sandra Pires
Tel: + 61 2 4285 3545



Battle of Homestead Foundation Movie Program

Latest: April 2017Battle-of-Homestead-pumphouse
Founded: 1990
Venue: The Pump House, Homestead, PA

Most recent screening: Aliquippa: The Union Comes to “Little Siberia.” April 22, 2017
Click here for current calendar

The Battle of Homestead Foundation (BHF) is a diverse organization of citizens, workers, educators and historians. It’s purpose is to preserve, interpret, and promote a people’s history focused on the significance of the dramatic labor conflict at Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1892. While the many consequences of that tragic event persist in society, the sole existing structure of the 1892 Homestead Steel Works is the site of the battle itself, Pump House No. 1 , located in Munhall, Pa. Toward those goals and objectives, BHF was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit corporation for charitable and educational purposes. BHF evolved from the Homestead Strike Centennial Commemorative Committee, founded in 1990.

After the dismantling of the historic Homestead Steel Works in the 1980s, then-owner Park Corporation performed restorative work on the Pump House. In 1996, BHF was formed in response to Park’s efforts, developing plans for a minimalist interpretive program for the site. Park welcomed the initiatives, and subsequent owners and developers, Continental Real Estate, also proved hospitable. Today the site is owned and benevolently operated by Steel Industry Heritage Corporation, who also offer many educational programs, tours, and events related to the Pump House as well as other local points of interest.

Since 1990, an impressive list of productions and events pertaining to the Pump House have been presented, supported, and organized by BHF.

Contact: 412-848-3079 or 724-935-2677
Charles McCollester

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New Mexico Labor Film Festival

Santa Fe, New MexicoNewMexicoLFF
Founded: 2015 (originally the Santa Fe Labor Film Festival)
Latest festival; April 30-May 1, 2017
Facebook page

The New Mexico Labor Film Festival is dedicated to providing its community with films, panels and events that inform, educate, motivate and celebrate labor through the moving image arts and cinematic world.

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São Paulo, Brazil: Brazilian International Labour Film Festival

Latest festival: May 21-25 and June 4-8, 2018Brazilian International Labour Film Festival
Espaço Cultural Casa do Lago
University of Campinas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil



Workers of the world, film!
The Mostra CineTrabalho / Brazilian International Labour Film Festival (BILFF) is a university extension activity of the UNESP – São Paulo State University. The event merges the cultural characteristics of a film festival with the academic discipline of social sciences to bring together knowledge and a critical view of the labour world. The BILFF aims to honour and support the film-makers whose productions regard working conditions and to provide a forum for appreciative and informed discussion of a wide range of labour issues.

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Bristol Radical Film Festival*

Bristol, South West Englandbristol-ff
Founded: 2012
Latest Festival: 2017: October 14-17

And WE’RE BACK! This year – at Trinity! We’ve got a great line up of films from around the world showcasing the best in radical cinema. We’re just finalising the programme in the next few weeks – so keep an eye out for the programme launch.

As always, we have a short film programme that features the best of new radical short form video from around the world and those wonderful rarities you won’t find at any other event in the city.

We’ll be launching the full programme shortly and tickets will be available soon. In the meantime, like our event page on Facebook.

The Bristol Radical Film Festival was set-up in 2011 to provide a public platform for explicitly political cinema from a range of left-wing perspectives. Since then we have held monthly screenings at The Cube Cinema as well as an annual festival which takes places a range of progressive, community-based spaces across the city. Contact us at

website: (currently being re-developed)

*while not exclusively a labor film festival, the Bristol Radical Film Festival’s focus on progressive issues ensures that many of its screenings include films about work, workers and workers issues.

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Glasgow, Scotland: GMB Glasgow General Apex Branch Labor Films

Land and FreedomGlasgow-scotland
Film screening and discussion
Thursday 12th February (2015) at 7:15pm
CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow

first screening was Bread & Roses on 23 Nov 2014

The Navigators IS pencilled in for 30 April too; We also have plans for The Happy Lands screening at some point.

Tommy Breslin
Branch Secretary, GMB Glasgow General Apex Branch.
Twitter: @GMBGlasGenApex

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Construir Cine Film Festival

Buenos Aires, Argentinaconstruir-cine

Latest festival: May 11-17, 2017

Website (English)
Facebook page

Eduardo Miri


DC Labor FilmFest

DC Labor FilmFest

Latest FilmFest: May 1-31, 2019

: 2001
Location: Metro Washington, DC
Venues: Multiple, including American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre, Silver Spring MD, AFL-CIO, Busboys and Poets

The DC Labor FilmFest is an annual film festival dedicated to showing films about work, workers and worker’s issues. As of 2014, it began anchoring the DC LaborFest, which includes labor music, art, books, history and more.

Click here for online archives for the DC Labor FilmFest 2014-2019, including schedules, write-ups, trailers and more.

Chris Garlock, Director
Washington, DC 20006
United States


Haifa International Labor Film Festival

The 8th Labor Film FestivalHaifa LOGO
Elections 2015 and Israel’s social justice movement
May 1st-5th 2015
Haifa Labor Film festival PDF

The 8th Labor Film Festival will be held on the backdrop of Israel’s 2015 elections. The festival combines social-oriented films with lectures by leading Israeli thinkers, politicians and labor leaders. The different sessions will offer a discussion about the possibility of mutual struggles for social justice in a divided society. The festival will offer a premiere screening of Ken Loach’s film “The Spirit of 45”, alongside screenings of such films as Selma. A special focus will also be given to Israeli films.

The Labor Film Festival was established by the Social Economic Academy in 2007 with the goal of creating a new and unique platform for discussing the state of workers in Israel. The positive change that began to sweep the public discourse in this regard in recent years, coupled with over 100,000 workers organizing since 2011, indicate that the call for a more just economic system in Israel is not just a slogan. But many challenges still remain – both in politics and in the labor market. The decision to hold the festival in Haifa, the ‘red city’, is both symbolic and political. We believe that Israel’s northern periphery, much like that in the south, is home to the greatest challenges, but is by the same token also the biggest hotbed for progress and hope.

The festival is part of an international network of labor films festivals taking place around the globe.

In solidarity,
Rami Hod, Executive Director, The Social Economic Academy
Rafi Kamhi, festival founder and manager, head of the northern branch, The Social Economic Academy

Click here for the 2014 festival line-up.
Click here for the 2012 festival line-up.

Eliyhau Zigdon +972 50 7555559


LaborFest Hawaii

Friday, September 29, 2017 (see below; no screenings this year)

Honolulu, HI 96828

Labor for Single Payer
Friday, September 29th, 2017
5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Musicians’ Association of Hawai‘i – Studio 909 – 949 Kapiolani
SAVE THE DATE! Single Payer’s Gonna Win!
Featured presentations:
•  Why Single Payer?
Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator for Labor for Single Payer •  “Medical care” during Hawai‘i Plantation Days: History of Health Care in Hawai‘i? by Center for Labor Education & Research Labor Historian William Puette, PhD
•  Local panel of healthcare workers from Hawai‘i Nurses’ Association & UNITE HERE, Local 5