Dundalk, MD: Epic Moments In U.S. Workers’ History*

01 Dec

Fall 2014; being offered again in spring 2016. The classes are 90 minutes long so I show most of them all the way through, but obviously Harlan County and American Dream are too long so I had to cut them off (though anyone who wanted to stay was welcome). I did background on each of the strikes, and provided background on-line.

1. October 2–The Factory Girls of Lowell Massachusetts in 1836
Daughters of Free Men
2. October 9–The 1877 Railroad Strike
1877: The Grand Army of Starvation
3. October 16–Homestead steel strike of 1892
The River Ran Red
4. October 23–Pullman car strike of 1894
Palace Cars and Paradise
5. October 30–The Uprising of the 20,000 in 1909
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl
6. November 6–The textile workers national strike of 1934
The Uprising of ‘34
7. November 13–The Flint sit-down strike of 1936-37
The Great Sit-Down
8. November 20–The Memphis sanitation workers strike of 1968
At The River I Stand
9. December 4–The Brookside Mineworkers strike of 1972
Harlan County, USA
10. December 11–The P-9 strike against Hormel in 1985-86
American Dream

The Community College of Baltimore County
Bill Barry—instructor
(410) 426-3966

* This is a class, not a festival, but it has many similar elements and may be useful for those organizing either labor film festivals or labor film classes


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