Bristol Radical Film Festival*

15 Nov

Bristol, South West EnglandBristol Radical Film Festival
Founded: 2012
Latest Festival: 2015

We are very pleased to announce the programme for this year’s Bristol Radical Film Festival, which takes place at the Arnolfini gallery from 9-11 October. Full programme and tickets available now from the Arnolfini website here.

This year the festival is dedicated to commemorating the 40th anniversary of the First Festival of British Independent Cinema, which took place at the Arnolfini in 1975. Organised by the filmmaker, writer and curator, David Hopkins (1940-2004), the 1975 festival was a landmark event in the history of alternative film in Britain, screening overtly political film alongside aesthetically radical work in celebration of a vibrant independent film culture comprised of different forms, approaches and traditions.

Highlights include Laura Mulvey in conversation with Patti Gaal-Holmes, Reel News’ Shaun Dey alongside Cinema Action’s Steve Sprung, Liberation Film’s Starting to Happen with community filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall, and a special screening of the recently re-released Blacks Brittanica with producer Margaret Henry.

The Bristol Radical Film Festival was set-up in 2011 to provide a public platform for explicitly political cinema from a range of left-wing perspectives. Since then we have held monthly screenings at The Cube Cinema as well as an annual festival which takes places a range of progressive, community-based spaces across the city. Contact us at

website: (currently being re-developed)

*while not exclusively a labor film festival, the Bristol Radical Film Festival’s focus on progressive issues ensures that many of its screenings include films about work, workers and workers issues.

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