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Sons and Lovers (1960)

103m; U.K.

Director: Jack Cardiff

Cast: Trevor Howard, Dean Stockwell and Wendy Hiller

Synopsis: Film version of DH Lawrence’s early novel about growing up in a mining town.

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The Stars Look Down (1940)

110m; U.K.

Director: Carol Reed

Cast:  Michael RedgraveMargaret Lockwood and Edward Rigby

Synopsis (IMDB): Davey Fenwick leaves his mining village on a university scholarship intent on returning to better support the miners against the owners. But he falls in love with Jenny who gets him to marry her and return home as local schoolteacher before finishing his degree. Davey finds he is ill-at-ease in his role, the more so when he realises Jenny still loves her former boyfriend. When he finds that his father and the other miners are going to have to continue working on a possibly deadly coal seam he decides to act.



Stories From The Mines (2004)

57m; U.S.

Director: Thomas M. Curr and Greg Matkosky

Synopsis: Stories from the Mines chronicles the struggle of these miners to earn a decent wage, alleviate dangerous working conditions, and gain respect. The perilous work the miners performed for extremely low pay laid the foundation for America’s Industrial Revolution and the modern labor movement. Great Strike of 1902; United Mine Workers; anthracite coal; strikes.




Strikebound (1984)

101m; Australia

Director: Richard Lowenstein

Cast: Chris Haywood, Carol Burns and Hugh Keays-Byrne

Synopsis: The first real coal-miners strike in 1930’s Australia told through the struggles of Agnes and Wattie Doig, two lovable rogue characters. Lowenstein’s approach is simple and effective with a documentary feel about it. A leftist film worth marching for.



The Price of Coal (1977)


Director: Ken Loach

Synopsis (Wikipedia): A two-part television production.  The first is comic, and deals with the preparations for an official visit by Prince Charles. The humour revolves around the expensive and ludicrous preparations that are required when there is an official visit from a member of the Royal Family. The workers recognise this and cannot take it seriously. Management recognises it but has to play the game. Special toilets must be constructed “just in case” and then destroyed after the visit. A worker is instructed to paint a brick holding up a window. On the eve of the visit the slogan “Scargill rules OK” is painted on a wall. The manager comments “When I find out who did that I’ll string him up by his knackers”. It is a surreal situation for many of the miners who obviously bear no love for Royalty.

The second deals with a pit accident where some men are killed, and attempts to rescue some trapped men. It is loosely based on the Lofthouse Colliery disaster in 1973.

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The Proud Valley (1940)

76m; U.S.

Director: Pen Tennyson

Cast: Paul Robeson, Edward Chapman and Simon Lack

Synopsis (IMDB): In a Welsh coal mining valley, a young man with a beautiful singing voice is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when a pit disaster threatens.

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Ramparts of Clay (1971)

80m; France

Director: Jean-Louis Bertuccelli

Cast: Leila Shenna, Kricheche and Jean-Louis Trintignant

Synopsis (IMDB): In 1962, change comes to a Tunisian village on the edge of the Sahara. An entrepreneur sets up a salt mine, hiring village men. When he pays only half the wages agreed upon, they sit down in a field of rocks. The boss calls the army, who encircle the strikers. The women watch, sacrifice a sheep, pray, ululate. During the second night, a young woman hides the bucket and rope of the town’s well to keep water from the army. The strike galvanizes her: she’s learning to read and has studied a city woman who visits the village. Now, as she removes her traditional dress and rejects a ritual to cast out her new rebellious spirit, will she gain independence as did Tunisia and the strikers



Remembering William C. Blizzard (2009)

55m; U.S.

Director: Kelley Thompson

Synopsis: Blizzard, who passed away in late December 2008 at the age of 92, was the son of “The General of the Battle of Blair Mountain,” Bill Blizzard. Recently, The National Register of Historic Places placed Blair Mountain on its official list.

Contact: Steve Fesenmaier, Film Programmer for the West Virginia Films Series at the South Charleston Museum 907 Churchill Circle Charleston, WV 25314 304-345-5850 Also, board member, WVLHA Work – 558-3978 ext. 2015



Richest Hill on Earth: The Saga of an American Mining Town

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Rise Up! West Virginia (2008)

75m; U.S.

Director: B. J. Gudmundsson

Synopsis: Mountain Keepers who have been fighting a 20 year battle to save their land and homes from the destructive practices of coal mining and especially mountaintop removal mining.

Contact: Patchwork Films Email: Patchwork Films mailing address 106 Lamplighter Drive Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901 Phone B. J. Gudmundsson 304-645-4998 Email Doug Chadwick 304-653-4916 Email Joan C. Browning 304-645-6799 Email