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Western Coal – An American Dilemma (1980)

21m; U.S.

Synopsis: This films investigates the various issues and conflicts arising out of the extensive strip mining activities in and around a small Montana town. One one side are the coal companies, ranchers who want to sell their land, work men who need jobs and merchants who need the business. On the other side are ranchers and towns people joined by legislators who are concerned about destruction of their land and their way of life. Supported by the Tri-State Humanities Commission. The film helped establish a dialogue between the opposing sides.

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Westray (2001)

Synopsis: Canadian mining disaster.

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When Clouds Clear / Después de la Neblina (2008)

77m; Ecuador/U.S.

Director: Danielle Bernstein & Anne Slick

Synopsis: A documentary about the history and struggle of the remote Ecuadorian town, Junín and the conflicts that have arisen due to international mining interests.

Contact: Danielle Bernstein, Clear Films

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When Miners March (2006)

7 discs

Director: Ross Ballard

Synopsis: William C. Blizzard, the son of Bill Blizzard, the “general” of the Battle of Blair Mountain, with the assistance of Wess Harris, compiled his many accounts of the West Virginia Mine Wars in his book, “When Miners March.” He had written most of the book for various labor publications anonymously in the 1950s. In 2005 Ross Ballard took the book and turned it into a monumental “audio movie,” complete with sound effects and original music. Songs on the special CD are by T. Paige Dalporto, Elaine Purkey, Hazel Dickens, Mike Morningstar, John Lilly and the Irish duo of Enda Cullen and Ian Smith.




Which Side Are You On? (1984)

53m; U.K.

Director: Ken Loach

Synopsis: Workers’ perspective on massive miners’ strike.



Where the Green Ants Dream (1984)

100m; Germany/Australia

Director: Werner Herzog

Synopsis (IMDB): The geologist Lance Hackett is employed by an Australian mining company to map the subsoil of a desert area covered with ant hills prior to a possible uranium extraction. His work is impeded by some aborigines who explain that this is the place where the green ants dream. Disturbing their dreaming will destroy humanity they claim. Hackett informs the company which offers various “solutions” such as a large amount of money or a percentage of a possible revenue. Invited on a trip to a city some of the aborigines sees a military aeroplane and express the wish to own it. The company buys it and gives it to the aborigines as a sign of good will. A runway is made in the desert and the plane is flown to the location. All negotiations concerning the area fail and the dispute goes to a court of the Commonwealth. Parties and experts are heard, obstacles are met such as an aborigine who is the sole survivor of his tribe (and language) and therefore no-one understands what he is saying.

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Wildrose (1985)

95m; U.S.

Director: John Hanson

Synopsis: Mineworkers

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Seacoal (1985)



Synopsis (IMDB): A visually powerful drama exploring the raw capitalism of seacoaling, rooted in a documentary engagement with the community of seacoalers on Lynemouth Beach in Northumberland.


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The Shaft (Dixia de tiankong) [2008]

98m; China

Director: Chi Zhang

Cast: Deyuan Luo, Xuan Huang and Luoqian Zheng

Synopsis (IMDB): A film about the lives of Chinese miners is not likely to attract mainstream viewers, but I suspect that this is the closest glimpse into contemporary China we are likely to get. And touchingly universal. Visually, it is a series of marvelously-framed photographs and brief snatches of dialog, to which the viewer must gradually develop a narrative line. In the background — the effects of the one-child policy, which puts a premium on marriageable females, who must sell themselves to the highest bidder; then the lure and inaccessibility of the big city (Beijing); the incapability of small-town gossip as well as the town’s only employer — the coal mines

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Soldiers of the Rock (2003)

94m; South Africa

Director: Norman Maake

Cast: Vuyo DabulaLebo Mathosa and Glen Gabela

Synopsis ( Variety): “A South African gold mining crew struggles with cultural pride, internecine friction and constant danger in the bracing, socially-conscious actioner “Soldiers of the Rock.” Despite overly-ambitious plotting, novelty of milieu and gritty action set pieces will earn pic fest play and distrib interest, with genre elements a good draw in ancillary . . . Seemingly inspired by both Ken Loach and Michael Bay.”

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