Haifa International Labor Film Festival

01 Nov

Founded 2007; next festival May 2022.

The Haifa International Labor Film Festival was established by the Social Economic Academy in 2007 with the goal of creating a new and unique platform for discussing the state of workers in Israel. The positive change that began to sweep the public discourse in this regard in recent years, coupled with over 100,000 workers organizing since 2011, indicate that the call for a more just economic system in Israel is not just a slogan. But many challenges still remain – both in politics and in the labor market. The decision to hold the festival in Haifa, the ‘red city’, is both symbolic and political. We believe that Israel’s northern periphery, much like that in the south, is home to the greatest challenges, but is by the same token also the biggest hotbed for progress and hope.

The festival is part of an international network of labor films festivals taking place around the globe.

Rami Hod, Executive Director, The Social Economic Academy
Rafi Kamhi, festival founder and manager, head of the northern branch, The Social Economic Academy

Click here for the 2017 Festival line-up.
Click here for the 2014 festival line-up.

Click here for the 2012 festival line-up.

Eliyhau Zigdon +972 50 7555559


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