DC Labor FilmFest

01 Nov

Latest FilmFest: May 1-31, 2017

: 2001
Venue: Multiple, including American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre, Silver Spring MD, AFL-CIO, Busboys and Poets

The DC Labor FilmFest is an annual film festival dedicated to showing films about work, workers and worker’s issues. As of 2014, it began anchoring the DC LaborFest, which includes labor music, art, books, history and more.

2017 DC LABORFEST LINE-UP: ​DETAILS, LINKS & TRAILERS! 2017-05-19-matew1-170516-386_1_orig
The 2017 LaborFest line-up included 22 labor films, 17 labor history tours, walks and bike rides, eight labor music events, five labor art tours, plus the fourth DC United Labor Night and, new this year, a union beer and whiskey tasting!

John Sayles
— who appeared at the May 16 DC LaborFest screening of “Matewan” (right)— received the LaborFest’s Tony Mazzocchi Labor Arts Award and did a Q&A after the film.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the change in political leadership after last year’s elections, labor arts are flourishing, as artists respond and activists find inspiration and sustenance.

In addition to a terrific line-up of labor films this year, we’re pleased to bring back many popular LaborFest performers and events and to expand to a number of new venues, including local museums like the National Gallery of Art. CLICK HERE for details and links.

Chris Garlock, Director
Washington, DC 20006
United States


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