450, Four Hundred and Fifty (Cuatrocientos cincuenta) (2001)

30 Oct

49m; Argentina
Director: Dario Doria              

Documentary film which reflects the injustice suffered by millions of retired people in Argentina. It narrates the daily struggle of a group of elderly people who don’t resign to the fact that their rights are being violated. Under the motto “with the strength of those who do not give up”, they meet every Wednesday across from the National Congress to request a minimum monthly retirement payment of 450 pesos that will allow them to lead a dignified life. Demonstrations have been inexorably done for over ten years now, though weakened day after day by the disappearance of some participants. Those that remain cannot give up the fight, which so far has obtained no response whatsoever from the State, whose idea of a solution seems to be to let time go by.
5th Seoul International Labor Film and Video Festival

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