Films, videos and film festivals that focus on work, workers and worker’s issues

5th Conference of Labor Film Festival Organizers Set for October 13-15 in Washington DC
Organizers from a dozen labor film festivals across six countries will gather October 13-15 in Washington DC for the fifth annual Conference of Labor Film Festival Organizers. The gathering is hosted by the DC Labor Film Festival, which will be joined by the Construir Cine Labor Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Dublin Labor Film Festival (Ireland), the Haifa International Labor Film Festival (Israel), the Korean Labor Film Festival, May Day Workers Film Festival (San Diego, CA), Muestra de Cine y Trabajo (Madrid, Spain), the Rochester (NY) Labor Film Series, the San Francisco LaborFest, Santa Fe Labor Film Festival, Workers Unite Film Festival (New York City) and the nascent West Virginia Labor Film Festival. The gathering’s chief purpose is to continue to build the global labor film festival movement by improving existing festivals, supporting new festivals and finding and screening the best labor films worldwide. The group will also plan for the fourth Global Labor Film Festival in May 2016 (see story below on the 2015 GLFF)

Workers’ lives on the silver screen were the focus of this year’s third annual Global Labor Film Festival. This year’s Global Labor Film Festival brought together labor film festivals in ten cities around the world – Santa Fe (a brand-new labor film festival!) to Israel and London to California – who each screened a labor-themed film of their choice during the month of May, chosen because May 1 — International Workers’ Day — is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries. Click here for details.

The Labor Film Database lists nearly 2,000 films and videos, searchable by title, director, actors and/or keywords (see search window at right). We’ve also categorized the database (at right, below “Categories”) and you can check out our tag cloud (also at right) to make it easier to find films and videos about the topics you’re interested in. Many of the entries also include trailers and film stills.

Categories include: Highly Recommended Labor Films; Labor Film Festivals; New/Just Added; Available Online; Genre; Occupation/Type of Work; Themes

HELP BUILD THE DATABASE! The Database is a handy resource for labor film festival programmers and anyone interested in films about work, workers and worker’s issues.We’re constantly updating the database with films new and old and welcome your suggestions for additions to the Labor Film Database; please click here to submit them for consideration. 


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