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Swing Shift (1984)

100m; U.S.

Director: Jonathan Demme

Cast: Goldie HawnKurt Russell and Christine Lahti

Synopsis (IMDB): In 1941 America Kay and her husband are happy enough until he enlists after Pearl Harbor. Against his wishes, his wife takes a job at the local aircraft plant where she meets Hazel, the singer from across the way to whom she hadn’t previously been all that nice. The two soon become firm friends and with the other girls become increasingly expert workers able to ride the jibes of the male workforce. As the war drags on Kay finally goes on a date with her trumpet playing foreman and life inevitably starts to get complicated.

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Tanaka-San Will Not Do Calisthenics (2008)

75m; Australia

Director: Maree Delofski

Synopsis: This striking film shows the struggle of Japanese Oki Electric Manufacturing worker and singer Tetsuro Tanaka. Tanaka refused to accept the militarization of his job through calisthenics and the mind control of the company. As result, he is harassed and fired by the company. Rather than giving up, he decides to sing every day in front of the factory. He has continued this battle for 28 years, and in the process, has exposed the nature of this corporate management system. Tanaka has been to LaborFest before, and his music continues to ring out. His words “Never import the corporate fascism of Japan!” continue to have meaning.




Tell Us the Truth (2004)

97m; U.S.

Director: Gabriel Miller

Synopsis: Documents the 2003 “Tell Us the Truth” music tour.

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The Proud Valley (1940)

76m; U.S.

Director: Pen Tennyson

Cast: Paul Robeson, Edward Chapman and Simon Lack

Synopsis (IMDB): In a Welsh coal mining valley, a young man with a beautiful singing voice is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when a pit disaster threatens.

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Isn’t This a Time! (2004)

90m; U.S.

Director: Jim Brown

Synopsis: Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Theodore Bikel, Peter Paul & Mary and more celebrate folk music as an agent of social change, and links it explicitly to today’s struggles, including the war in Iraq. Inspiring.



Bound for Glory (1976)

147m; USA

Director: Hal Ashby

Cast: David Carradine, Ronny Cox and Melinda Dillon

Synopsis: Film biography of American folksinger Woody Guthrie.





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A Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly (1988)

70m; U.S.

Director: Jim Brown

Synopsis: Documents the lives and influences of musical folk artists Woody Guthrie and Huddie Ledbetter ( or Leadbelly).

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