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1934 San Francisco Longshore Strike

1:39; U.S.

Synopsis: Newsreel footage on the 1934 longshore general strike in San Francisco which helped to birth the International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union (ILWU).




View from the Bridge (Vu du pont) [1962]

110m; France

Director: Sidney Lumet

Cast: Raf Vallone, Jean Sorel and Maureen Stapleton

Synopsis: Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn longshoreman is unhappily married to Beatrice and unconsciously in love with Catherine, the niece that they have raised from childhood. Into his house come two brothers, illegal immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho. Catherine falls in love with Rudolpho; and Eddie, tormented but unable to admit even to himself his quasi-incestuous love, reports the illegal immigrants to the authorities.



Waterfront (1984)

284m; Australia

Director: Chris Thomson

Cast:  Jack Thompson, Greta Scacchi and Frank Gallacher

Synopsis (IMDB): Australian dockyard workers go on strike. Immigrant Italian workers are brought in as scab labour. In the midst of all this, an Italian woman meets & falls in love with one of the Australians.



The Wide Blue Road (1957)

103m; Italy

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo

Cast: Yves Montand, Alida Valli and Francisco Rabal

Synopsis (IMDB): Squarciò, a fisherman, lives with his family on a small island off the Dalmatian coast of Italy. Like his fellow villagers, Squarciò struggles against harsh living conditions, a scarcity of fish in nearby waters and exploitation by the local wholesaler. But while the other fishermen continue to use nets, he goes out to the open sea to fish illegally with bombs. But Squarciò borrows money, loses his boat, and in a moment of supreme desperation, has to bomb directly off-shore, causing the hatred and rejection of his fellow fishermen. Trying to save his family, Squarciò and his young sons sail their new boat out beyond the local waters and bomb-fish again. But this time, the sea exacts a terrible toll

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Wild Caught (2006)

98m; U.S.

Director: Matthew Barr

Synopsis: Effects of globalization on small-sclae fishing in N.C.

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The Wire, Season 2 (2003)

720m; U.S.

Director: Various

Cast: Chris Bauer, Dominic West, Pablo Schreiber, Wendell Pierce

Synopsis: The second season of The Wire while continuing the narrative about the Barksdale gang expands the story to include a depiction of the decline of organized labor via the story of Frank Sobotka and the fictional  International Brotherhood of Stevedores (based on the ILA).



The Hungry Miles (1954)

49m; Australia

Director: Jack Levy, Keith Gow

Synopsis: The Hungry Miles is a documentary made by the Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit. It documents industrial relations on the waterfront since the 1930s and includes dramatised scenes of working conditions during the Depression. It also recounts the background to the Federal Governments 1954 amendments to the Stevedoring Industry Act, which proposed to give shipowners the right to directly recruit wharf labour and bypass the union; shows workers demonstrating; contrasts the gap between industry and workers in the division of profits; and evokes the spirit of the Eureka Stockade in portraying the solidarity amongst waterside workers. It includes voice-over narration by Leonard Teale and employs an orchestral score.

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Seacoal (1985)



Synopsis (IMDB): A visually powerful drama exploring the raw capitalism of seacoaling, rooted in a documentary engagement with the community of seacoalers on Lynemouth Beach in Northumberland.


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The Secret of the Grain (La Graine et le mulet) [2007]

151m; France

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche

Cast: Habib Boufares, Hafsia Herzi, Farida Benkhetache, Farida Benkhetache, Abdelhamid Aktouche, Leila D’Issernio

Synopsis: An idiosyncratic story about life, ambitions, frustrations, courage and indolence among North African migrant families in the south of France. After he’s laid off from the shipbuilding wharf, the ageing Slimane wants to start a restaurant on a ship.

Contact: International Film Festival Rotterdam Production Department: Distributor: Pathe: Catherine MONTOUCHET:



The Shipbuilders

90m; U.K.

Director: John Baxter

Cast: Clive Brook, Morland Graham and Nell Ballantyne

Synopsis: Clydeside shipbuilder and a loyal riveter fight to keep Britain a seapower