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Stand Up for Journalism


Synopsis: Widespread cuts in jobs and budgets are seriously damaging the media industry, increasing the strain on journalists, publishing and media workers and compromising the quality and standards of the news and information. Casualisation, increasing concentration of media ownership and profiteering are affecting the ability of journalists and publishing workers to maintain professional standards, with damaging consequences for our democracy. The film is part of a campaign of the International Federation of Journalists, calling on media owners to stop cutting jobs, pay, and resources and start investing more in quality media.

Contact: IFJ 2009 Geneva Labour Film Shorts Festival

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Newsies (1992)

121m; U.S.

Director: Kenny Ortega

Cast: Christian Bale, Bill Pullman and Robert Duvall

Synopsis (IMDB): July, 1899: When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper, ten cents per hundred, the newsboys, poor enough already, are outraged. Inspired by the strike put on by the trolley workers, Jack “Cowboy” Kelly (Christian Bale) organizes a newsboys’ strike. With David Jacobs (David Moscow) as the brains of the new union, and Jack as the voice, the weak and oppressed found the strength to band together and challenge the powerful.



Patriots Act… Peace Press: The People’s Printing Collective

95m; U.S.

Director: Joseph Daccurso

Contact: Jerry Palmer, Bob Zaugh and Irene Wolt

Synopsis (IMDB): “Dissent is not disloyalty, but rather an expression of First Amendment rights, and art can be both commercial and a weapon. What Woodstock was a film generation, Peace Press was to graphic arts. The times have changed but not the causes for which PatriotS Act.”

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Picture Man: The Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin (2009)

20m; U.S.

Director: Mark Rogovin (Producer)

Synopsis: Life of world renowned social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin.

Contact: Mark Rogovin (708) 366-5535;;

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Plunder: The Crime of our Time (2009)

100m; U.S.

Director: Danny Schechter

Synopsis: A hard-hitting investigative film that explores how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity uncovering the connection between the collapse of the housing market and the economic catastrophe that followed.


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Inventing L.A. (2009)

117m; U.S.

Director: Peter Jones, Mark A. Catalena

Synopsis: By tracing the history of the Chandler family that founded the Los Angeles Times, this 116-minute PBS documentary also tells important parts of the history of southern California, including decades of fierce anti-union campaigns and manipulation of politicians and public resources for personal gain. The film also describes internal battles between ultraconservative and relatively liberal family members that led to the paper’s rapid decline.

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His Girl Friday (1940)

92m; U.S.

Director: Howard Hawkes

Cast: Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy

Synopsis: A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.

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