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Remote Sensing (2001)


Director: Ursula Biemann

Synopsis (Women Make Movies): In Biemann’s latest video, she traces the routes and reasons of women who travel across the globe for work in the sex industry. By using the latest images from NASA satellites, the film investigates the consequences of the U.S. military presence in South East Asia as well as European migration politics. This video-essay takes an earthly perspective on cross-border circuits, where women have emerged as key actors and expertly links new geographic technologies to the sexualization and displacement of women on a global scale. By revealing how technologies of marginalization affect women in their sexuality, REMOTE SENSING aspires to displace and resignify the feminine within sexual difference and cultural representation.



Homebound (Balikbayan) [2003]


Directors: Larilyn Sanchez, Riza Manalo

Synopsis (IFFR): A woman who works outside the Philippines to earn money for her family sees herself forced to send her mother back home alone. She can’t pay for her own journey, but as compensation she gives her mother gifts from the rich world.


Workingman’s Death (2006)

122m; Austria/GermanyWorkingmans_death

Director: Michael Glawogger

Synopsis: Deconstructs contemporary conceptions of work – by showcasing six of the most grueling and dangerous professions. Incredibly beautiful and moving, with virtually no dialogue or narration.