Workers Unite Film Festival

01 Jan

2020 dates: May 22-25 (virtual fest; full festival Sept 25th 2020)2020 WUFF logo
Founded: 2012
Venue: Multiple
Synopsis: The Workers Unite Film Festival is a celebration of global labor solidarity.

WUFF9 Virtual Festival Screenings Debut May 22nd-25th On Our Website!

On Friday, May 22nd, starting at 12:00 p.m. (EST), go to the festival homepage and simply play the videos that are embedded on the top of our page. We will switch to the next day’s virtual programming block by 12:00 p.m. (EST) the following day, giving you nearly a full 24 hours to check out each set of films. There is no charge for watching or login requirements. We will continue to host more films from our upcoming season in the following months if this is an overall success and feedback is positive.

Opening Night, Friday May 22nd
(Full Festival Sept 25th 2020)

Gone Postal – Jay Galione, son of a postal worker, investigates the dark corners of the U.S. Postal Service. Across the country, brave employees stand up to injustice on the job and fight to Save the People’s Post Office. A moving indictment of the toxic culture and push to downsize, this eye-opening documentary allows viewers to hear from experts and advocates including Ralph Nader and Richard Wolff, and directly from the selfless and courageous people hidden behind the scenes, long suffering and ignored. (1 hr 33 min, Director: Jay Galione)

Hope Served Fresh: Recovery Friendly Employment – A pizzeria owner in Oneonta New York decides to create a “sober and recovery friendly” workplace, starting a trend that reaches the upper levels over New York State Government. (15 min, Jessica Vecchione) (Trailer)

Sophia Dawson: Purpose – The story of renowned Brooklyn visual artist and activist Sophia Dawson. Through revealing conversation and a treasure trove of archival photographs from Ms. Dawson’s personal scrapbook, Justin Thomas directs an intimate and powerful portrait of a brilliant young woman determined to use her creative gifts to enlighten and empower her community. (15 min, Director: Justin M. Thomas)

I, Candy – Filmmaker Candy Kugel deconstructs a drawing she did when she was 6 years old to explore her life in animation. (22 min, Director: Candy Kugel) (Trailer)

Feet On the Street: Dirty Patti at the L.A. Teacher’s Strike – She’s political, she’s a bit inappropriate and she’s a puppet! Dirty Patti, a fixture of the Los Angeles art scene, traverses to a teachers’ strike where she interviews those fighting on the front lines for the betterment of the teachers and students of Los Angeles Unified School District. (5 min, Directors: Crispin Rosenkranz and Christina Elaine Vasquez)

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2013 Workers Unite Program 
2012 Workers Unite Program
2012 Workers Unite Poster (PDF)

Contact: Andrew Tilson, Executive Director
PO Box 1525 – Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101


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