Money and Honey (2011)

21 Jan


Directed by: Jasmine Ching-Hui Lee
Documentary Feature (96 Minutes)

This is an Asian epic documentary on migrant workers spanning thirteen years. Director Jasmine first came into contact with Filipino caretakers in the Taipei nursing home, where her grandparents were under care. Living away from their loved ones, both the Filipino caretakers and the elderly residents suffer from homesickness. Stories of joy and sorrow take place between them. The Filipino caretakers are humorous. They comfort themselves by singing a self-mocking song, ‘No money, no honey’. Being a wife, a mother and a migrant worker, the Filipino women are smart. They know how to survive. And yet, the road home seems to grow longer and longer. What price do they have to pay for love and livelihood? Can their dreams ever come true?


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