The Inheritance (1964)

19 Mar

58m; U.S.

Director: Harold Mayer and Lynne Rhodes Mayer

Synopsis: The Inheritance shows what life was really like for immigrants and working Americans from the turn of the century through the fight for civil rights in the 1960s. This stirring history of our country shows their struggle to put down roots, form labor unions, survive wars, and finally, create a new and better life for themselves and our nation.

Our film explores a landscape largely unknown to the present generation—the dim sweatshops, coal mines and textile mills filled with children; the anxious years of the depression and labor’s bloody struggle for the right to organize; the battlefields of WW I and II; the seldom seen newsreel footage of the Memorial Day massacre at The Republic Steel strike in Chicago; the civil rights struggle— as every generation fights again to preserve and extend its freedoms. This is the film’s theme.

Contact: The film is available in 4 parts on Youtube:

Harold Mayer and Lynne Rhodes Mayer

Harold Mayer Productions

New Milford, CT



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