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From the Shadows of Power

This awarding winning documentary is a powerful story set in coalfields of Appalachia, Wales and England. It documents firsthand the turmoil in the aftermath of the British Miners Strike of 1984/85 and the parallel struggle of the UMWA in its long running battle with Pittston Coal. This film brings to life the real struggles of working people at the pivotal moment when state power was used to open the floodgates to global capital, aid the destruction of coalfield communities and its labor institutions. Chronicling the critical role played by working class women in these watershed events, it features economist Helen Lewis, Reverend Jesse Jackson, women miners, Betty Heathfield of Britain’s Women Against Pit Closures, NUMs Arthur Scargill, and Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.


Directed by: Jean Donohue



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Let It Be War (2012)


Directed by: Andrew Heaberlin
Narrative Short (18 minutes) 2012

A young coal miner returns home from the Second World War to the unchanged, harsh reality of life in a company town. Unionization has the town divided and thoroughly at war with itself. Still, the miners toil away in the depths of the mountains, harvesting the company’s black gold. Jim struggles to support his family, and in his darkest hour, he and the other miners summon the will to act. They strike back against the company, sending structures crashing to the ground in a heap of fiery rubble.


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