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Behind every activist that fought for civil rights or occupied Wall Street, there was a loved one who also sacrificed. Tatanka follows the bizarre and heartrending journey of one man whose unchecked idealism helped change the world but nearly tore his family apart. This is a very personal and provocative look at a turbulent and life-changing time in our history. Featuring Joan Baez, Cesar Chavez and Daniel Ellsberg.

Directed by: Jacob Bricca


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Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor


Directed by: Zahida Pirani
Documentary Short (21 minutes)

Judith: Portrait of Street Vendor is a short documentary that takes the audience on an intimate journey into the daily life of Judith, a street vendor from Guatemala who lives and works in New York City. Judith exposes the routine obstacles and struggles she and her fellow vendors face daily on the city’s streets and shows her community’s attempts to change their conditions as immigrants and workers. Shot in intimate observational style, the film also unveils Judith’s hopes for the future and her aspirations as a mother, worker and community organizer. Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor is a compelling personal story about perseverance and access to the American Dream.

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