Painted Nails (2014)

16 Feb


Directed by: Dianne Griffin and Erica Jordan
Running Time: 57 min
Starring: N/A


Synopsis: The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest growing in the US, and health regulations for it are almost non-existent. This puts at risk the over 80% of licensed US manicurists who are Vietnamese immigrants, Van Nguyen included. The salon Van owns with her husband feels like a second home, but she is hesitant for her daughter to spend time there, fearing the adverse effects of product chemicals. Van herself suffers from headaches, memory loss, and has had trouble bringing other pregnancies to term, but continues to work morning until night every day. Determined to make her salon a safer place, Van takes her story to Washington D.C. and becomes one of the first to testify for safe cosmetics in over 30 years. Replete with tender yet insightful moments, Painted Nails strips the polish from an issue that touches everyone.





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