American Winter (2012)

07 Mar

American Winter  follows the personal stories of eight families struggling in the American Winter posteraftermath of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Filmed over the winter months of 2011-12, American Winter presents an intimate snapshot of the state of the nation’s economy as it is playing out in the lives of many American families who are seeking help through the 211 service.  The film reveals the human consequences of cuts to social services, the decline of the middle class, and the fracturing of the American Dream.  Woven into the film are interviews with economic experts, policy analysts, and religious leaders, as well as interviews with social workers on the frontlines of the economic fallout.

With 46% of our country now living in poverty or near poverty, and with epic budget battles being waged at all levels of government over the coming year, American Winter is a timely and moving film that shows the crushing effects of the mortgage meltdown, high unemployment, the health care crisis, and cuts to the social safety net through the personal perspective of struggling families.  American Winter takes up where Inside Job left off, showing the devastating human toll of the economic downturn from the point of view of families caught in a day-to-day struggle to survive.

The timing of the film’s release and outreach campaign will come at a moment in our nation’s history when poverty and economic inequalities are increasing, at the same time that pressure is mounting to slash budgets to critical social and human services.  Budget cuts are front and center in the 2013 news cycle, and they are at the top of the political agenda.  This film can be a touchstone in the media and in politics, giving a voice to those most affected in the public debate on homelessness, unemployment, housing issues, and funding the social safety net.

You can see a preview here:


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