Portraits from Cameroon

20 Nov

Director: Jan Nimmo
Cameroon/ Scotland
between 2.30 mins and 4 mins

A collection of banana workers’ testimonies filmed in the Fako region of Cameroon. These short stories give the viewer an intimate insight into what daily life is like for workers who produce bananas for the European market. The online testimonies were edited for Make Fruit FairBanana Link and these stories are also available as a video wall installation for exhibitions and events.

The films are currently being edited into one short film of around 18 mins for festival distribution – for more information contact Jan Nimmo:


One response to “Portraits from Cameroon

  1. Jan Nimmo

    November 30, 2012 at 6:29 am

    Full length version (18 min) and individual testimonies at this link:
    and in Spanish


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