Compliance (2012)

30 Aug

90m; U.S.

Director: Craig Zobel

Cast: Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker and Pat Healy

Synopsis: “In the middle of a bad day Sandra (Ann Dowd), the harried manager of a fast-food franchise, receives a phone call from a man claiming to be a police officer. He accuses an employee named Becky (Dreama Walker) of theft and instructs Sandra to subject the pretty teenager to a series of humiliations: detain her in the stock room, confiscate her belongings, conduct a strip search and on and on. As the title suggests, at each step of this increasingly elaborate and unnerving hoax, Sandra and Becky do what they are told.”

‘Compliance’ Raises Questions About Human Behavior; NYT 8/10/2012



One response to “Compliance (2012)

  1. Rochester Labor Film Series

    January 10, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    “When Compliance debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, and during its press screenings, some people walked out not far into the story. One viewer is reported to have yelled while exiting, “Oh, give me a [bleeping] break!” I, too, was ready to abandon the film because it seemed exploitative and contrived. But, I happened to recall the screen-filling opening message that said, “Based on true events.” As films with that message have become common over the past decade, such messages may have lost their punch, which might explain the walkouts. But do take heed of that notice, for knowing beforehand that the events really happened might help temper the incredulity the film evokes. Or, it might work to heighten our disbelief, for if you avoid walking out, you are still likely to squirm. “How could they have done this?” we will undoubtedly ask.”
    – Vincent Serravallo, in his introduction to the Rochester Labor Film series screening 29 September 2012


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