Le Geste Ordinaire (An Ordinary Gesture)

13 Jul

Directed by: Maxime Coton
Release Date: 2010
Duration: 64 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Original language : French

The portrait of a discreet man, of a workman. Director Marc Coton’s portrait of his father. A steelworker in a Belgian factory, he does not talk about his work at home.
The pride of the worker, the hard work in a noisy place, social divide between generations. The echo of a warm silence, which has screened off his family from the racket of the steel industry, where he has been working for 30 years. The story of an uncompleted inheritance, of a silence promise: « My son, you’ll become a different man ». The film leads to reconciliation achieved through the years, through daily acts. (french only, no subtitles)

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