The Blue Collar Worker and the Hairdresser in a Whirl of Sex and Politics (1996)

13 Jun

101m; Italy

Director: Lina Wertmüller

Cast: Tullio Solenghi, Gene Gnocchi and Veronica Pivetti

Synopsis (Amazon): It’s spontaneous combustion when Tunin meets Rossella at a victory rally the night of the hotly contested election. She’s a right wing pro-business zealot. He’s a leftist labor organizer whose libido shifts into overdrive the moment he sees the fiery Rossella. Tunin’s determined to seduce her, but Rossella conceives her own plan to deal with the self-centered Lothario. Only two obstacles stand in the way of a blissful union – their politics and his wife. Passion and politics run amok in this delightfully sexy farce, the latest from director Lina Wertmuller.


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