We Are Wisconsin (2012)

11 Apr

74m (2013 version)WeAreWisconsin
Director: Amie Williams
Follows the day-to-day unfolding of the public outcry against Governor Walker’s bill, and lets ordinary people on the ground tell the story.  The film does not rely on pundits, experts, labor leaders and media, but instead presents the Wisconsin story through the powerful voice of ordinary citizens.  This film transcends single-issue politics, and is a powerful argument for staying in the fight. An inspiring testament to the power of citizen activism and our movement.  In addition, the latest version (March 2012) includes an updated ending to the film, with footage from the successes Nov. 6 2012 for Senator Tammy Baldwin and President Barack Obama in Wisconsin.

Synopsis (Hot Docs): “When Republican Governor Scott Walker tries to introduce a budget repair bill in early 2011 that threatens to eliminate worker rights and prevent public debate, an unlikely group of six local citizens is compelled to stand against it. A police officer, a nurse, a high school teacher, a union electrician, a county social worker and a student leader become the driving force behind a take-over of the Capitol building. In less than a month, the local population unites in a way they had never done before. We Are Wisconsin puts a different face to the stereotypes of activism as the protestors we encounter are from all walks of life, united by a common goal of fighting a hyper-conservative wave sweeping the Midwest. These six characters reveal the motives that inspire ordinary citizens to act, showing us how social movements begin and unfold.”


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