The Killing Floor (1985)

28 Mar

118m; U.S.
Director: Bill Duke
Cast: Cynthia BakerDennis Farina and Clarence Felder

Synopsis (IMDB): During World War I, a poor black Southerner travels north to Chicago to get work in the city’s slaughterhouses, where he becomes embroiled in the organized labor movement. He becomes prominent as a leader of fellow African-Americans in the union, though many, including his best friend, view him as a sell-out.

Contact: Elsa Rassbach


One response to “The Killing Floor (1985)

  1. Bill Barry

    January 1, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    A new print of this movie is being processed at UCLA and should be ready in February. The producer, Elsa Rassbach, will be in the US (she lives in Germany now) for a while and is working on a history of this movie, which was originally just one of 10 on workers history that were going to be produced on the Petroleum Benevolent System (PBS) but the corporate opposition was so fierce that no more were made.


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