A Grin Without a Cat (Le Fond de l’air est rouge) (1977)

01 Mar

240m; France

Synopsis (Wikipedia): The film features many interviews with French communist leaders, students, and sociologists. The Prague Spring of 1968 is featured, with footage of a Fidel Castro speech in which he expresses political support for the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia while questioning the legality of the action. Other sections deal with the rise of Salvador Allende and the Watergate Scandal in the United States. There are many subtle references to cats throughout the film, as well as brief shots of raccoons.

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One response to “A Grin Without a Cat (Le Fond de l’air est rouge) (1977)

  1. Rochester Labor Film Series

    January 10, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    ” I urge you to pay attention not only to what Marker is saying but how he is saying it. A Grin Without a Cat is a complex film. A montage mainly of other filmmakers’ work that juxtaposes footage that was never used, as well as images taped from television broacasts, Grin asks us to think not only about what happened in the past but about how we know what happened, how the past exists as memory — memory of images, the interpretation of images, the loss of images — how we (and others, including Marker himself) can manipulate the past…” – Jon Garlock, in his September 12, 2003 introduction to the film’s screening at the Rochester (NY) Labor Film Series


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