Bananas (2009)

24 Jan

80m; Sweden

Director: Fredrik Gertten

Synopsis: The human cost of banana cultivation is revealed in this documentary chronicling the case of Nicaraguan laborers, represented by L.A. attorney Juan Dominguez, against the companies who they believe poisoned them with pesticides.

Contact: International Sales: Peter Jager, Phone: +43 720 34 69 34 David Magdael & Associates – Los Angeles Winston Emano, David Magdael, Phone: +1 213 624 7827

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Posted by on January 24, 2012 in Documentary, Farm & Food, Safety & Health


One response to “Bananas (2009)

  1. UCS News Service

    February 8, 2012 at 2:14 am

    Starts out promisingly with on-site footage in Nicaragua but bogs down in legalistic courtroom case against Dole and loses sight of the workers involved. Becomes virtually unwatchable.
    – Chris Garlock, DC Labor FilmFest


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