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On Strike: The Winnipeg General Strike, 1919 [1991]

19m; Canada

Director: Joe Macdonald and Clair Johnstone Gilsig

Synopsis: This film provides the background about why the workers in Winnipeg were forced out and strike and the individuals on both sides of the struggle. The attack on the strikers on June 21, 1919 led to death and the defeat of the workers despite their bravery and just cause.



Millions of Us (1935)


Directors: Slavko Vorkapich (as Jack Smith), Tina Taylor

Synopsis (BAM/PFA): The story of millions of unemployed in the soup kitchen and breadline days vs. the millions still working, personalized in the drama of a young man driven by hunger to become a scab, and whose experiences lead him to recognize his common interests with the strikers and to be converted to trade unionism.

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