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Building Sustainable Unions: Africa

rt: 4:04
Also in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, & Swedish

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Local Organizing, Global Results: Indonesia

rt: 4:29
Also in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, & Swedish

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Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley

Director: Jesse Freeston
Writers: Diego Briceño-Orduz (story), Jesse Freeston

In 2009, the first coup d’etat in a generation in Central America overthrows the elected president of Honduras. A nation-wide movement, known simply as The Resistance, rises in opposition. Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley centers on the most daring wing of the movement, the farmers of the Aguan. Not satisfied with just marching and blocking highways, 2000 landless families take possession of the palm oil plantations of Miguel Facusse, the country’s largest landowner and a key player in the coup. The camera follows three farmers over four years as they build their new communities on occupied land, in the face of the regime’s violent response, while waiting for the elections The Resistance hopes will restore the national democratic project.


For The War To End The Walls Should Have Crumbled (Pour que la guerre s’achève, les murs devaient s’écrouler)

52 min
dir. Jean- Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Looking back to the momentous events of Belgium’s general strike in 1960, the film focuses on the efforts of Edmond G. and colleagues at the Cockerill steel plant in Seraing to organise and secretly publish a workers’ newspaper between 1961 and 1969.


Love and Solidarity–The Story of Rev. James Lawson (2015)

Michael Honey’s film with Errol Webber

In 1960, Reverend James Lawson helped to launch the Nashville sit-in campaign which successfully desegregated the Woolworth’s lunch counter, and inspired a new generation of student civil rights activities throughout the South. After Nashville he pastored the largest African American Methodist Church in Memphis and continued to work closely with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Birmingham and on other civil rights campaigns, teaching workshops in nonviolence. At each stage of his life, Lawson has supported campaigns for labor rights as a dimension of human rights.

Next to King himself, Reverend Lawson remains one of the most important social justice leaders of our time. This project set out to examine the legacy of Reverend Lawson, particularly his nonviolent approach to labor and civil rights, and to help share his story. The Love & Solidarity project did just that when it premiered a film by the same name that chronicles Lawson’s life and work as a force for positive change. In addition the Love & Solidarity project, led by Dr. Michael Honey, has launched the Love & Solidarity website to help share this story of how ordinary people can use nonviolence to make a more peaceful and just world.

This is a project of the Fetzer Advisory Council on Labor, Trades, and Crafts.

Michael Honey, Fred and Dorothy Haley Professor of Humanities
1900 Commerce St. Tacoma, WA  98402
University of Washington, Tacoma


The Factory

Director: Rahul Roy

Indian documentarian Rahul captures the struggle of Maruti auto workers in New Dehli. For more than two years, 147 autoworkers there were kept behind bars without bail or charge sheet presented to defense counsel.


Union Time

Filmmaker: Matthew Barr
A true David versus Goliath story, “Union Time” is a promotional teaser for a documentary in production about the successful fight to unionize the world’s largest pork slaughterhouse, located in Tar Heel, NC.


Union Women, Union Power: From the Shopfloor to the Streets 

30 min
Filmmakers: Dina Yarmos and Sandra Jeong-In Lane

Highlighting five rank and file union women from different sectors across Philadelphia, “Union Women Union Power” introduces viewers to recent fights for democracy in Philadelphia workplace. The film was produced to spur intergenerational dialogue and engage younger women in the labor movement.


Still the Enemy Within (AKA “The Enemy Within”)

2014 * Documentary * England * 112 minutes
Director/writer: Owen Gower
Sinead Kirwan, Producer:
Tel: 00447914412037 or 004915902169012
Skype: sineadrk
Follow us on Twitter @enemywithin1984

This riveting documentary revisits the front lines of one of the most bitterly fought strikes of the late 20th century—the 1984-1985 British Miners’ Strike. Told from the perspectives of the miners, their families and supporters, it incorporates rarely used archival footage with interviews, providing fresh insights to a dramatic, brutal, and heartbreaking yet inspiring struggle. Thirty years after the strike to prevent mine closures and the decimation of miners’ communities, Still the Enemy Within is a compelling reminder of everyday people’s power through organization and collective action—and the limitations when confronted by the force of the Thatcher administration and the British government.


The Women Workers’ War

Director: Massimo Ferrari
54 Minutes

The story of longest factory sit-in by women–500 days–led by Rosa Giancola of Latina, and a factory that churns out sweets and thoughts, led by Margherita Dogliani of Carrara. The documentary recounts the story of two women who are very special and react in profound and non-conventional ways to the economic and moral crisis that grips Italy. The documentary won an award at the Workers Unite! Film Festival of New York.