La Cola (The Line)

03 Feb

The Line is a drama from Argentina. Written and directed by Enrique La ColaLiporace and Ezequiel C. Inzaghi, starring renowned Argentine acting professionals such as Alejandro AwadaLucrecia OviedoAna María Picchio and Antonio Gasalla.

The Line focuses on the experiences of Félix Cayetano Gómez, who lives in the city of Buenos Aires and has to scramble daily to make ends meet. This man discovers a way to earn money by waiting in lines to run different errands or do paperwork for other people, in exchange of a sum of money.

But Félix is not the only one who works as a “line man”, there are many others doing the same job and all of them dream about forming an employee’s union that can group and protect them.

At some point in the story, those other workers reveal to Félix a criminal plan that would allow him to collect much more money: it is related to waiting in lines to do education, health and work related paperwork. As a consequence of his job, the main character will become a witness and an accomplice of a tragic but comical reality that will also affect his own life.

Original Title: La cola.
Starring: Alejandro AwadaLucrecia OviedoAntonio GasallaAna María Piccio.
Genre: Drama.
Directed by: Enrique LiporaceEzequiel C. Inzaghi.
Country of Origin: Argentina.
Running Time: 99 minutes.
Rated: PG-13
Released in Buenos Aires: September 13th, 2012.



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