Situations Vacant

07 May

97m; Ireland

Director: Lisa Mulcahy

Cast: Diarmuid Noyes, Lynette Callaghan and Martha Christie

Synopsis: 20-something, recent business graduate Dave is in the middle of a full-blown quarter life crisis. By now Dave thought he’d be living the corporate high life by day and loving a babe in a penthouse by night. But the boom’s bust. So instead, Dave’s living with his Ma, terrorised by his creepy Dole Inspector and seriously considering a career in plastic pellet packing…. Dave’s mates, Tom and Vinny are no better off. Tom’s got serious medical worries re his tackle and Vinny’s painting walls for auld ones at the rate of a fiver an hour. So when a codger down their local claims all they need do is “follow the 2 pint plan – drink 2 pints, then lie!” the lads decide they’ve nothing to lose. They down the pints and move swiftly onto telling the lies, big lies, lies that somehow, strangely seem to pay off…. Suddenly Dave and his mates are “living the dream”. Right up until the moment when the first lie starts to unravel, then the next….then the next…

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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Drama, White Collar


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