Motel the Operator (Motl Der Operator) [1939]

20 Apr

88m; U.S.

Director: Joseph Seiden

Cast: Chaim Tauber, Seymour Rechzeit and Yetta Zwerling

Synopsis (IMDB): Motl, a poor laborer, loving husband and new father, leads cloakmakers in a strike for better working conditions. When he is severely injured by strikebreakers, his wife, Esther, and infant son are left destitute. Desperate to save her starving child, Esther gives him up for adoption to a wealthy couple, and then commits suicide.

Contact: Based on a play by Chaim Tauber Music by Sholem Secunda Yiddish with New English Subtitles; two suggestions from the National Center for Jewish film sharon rivo; co sponsor with Josh Speisier and teh DCJCC screening room;


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