Kameradschaft (1931)

28 Mar

93m; France/Germanykamerad-1-150x150

Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Synopsis: Plea against war and for friendship between peoples, through the story of French miners rescued by German colleagues after a firedamp explosion. G. W. Pabst directed this German film based on a real event that took place on the France-German border in 1906 when 1100 miners were killed. German miners came to the rescue of the French miners who were trapped underground. It was the first work of art banned by Hitler when he became chancellor. It is famous for its both realist and expressionist photography

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One response to “Kameradschaft (1931)

  1. Rochester Labor Film Series

    January 10, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    “In 1958 film critics and historians held a referendum in Brussels on the thirty greatest films ever made. Kameradschaft ended up as film number twenty-six on the list, ranked with films such as The Rules of the Game and Citizen Kane. I don’t know if this film would make a similar list today, but I have to say that half a century after that poll, Kameradschaft still stands out as one of the most remarkable films ever made…”
    – Paolo Cherchi Usai in his introduction to the Rochester Labor Film series screening on 2 November 2001.


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