The Citadel (1938)

21 Feb

110m; U.S.

Director: King Vidor

Cast: Robert Donat, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Richardson

Synopsis (IMDB): Dr. Andrew Manson has recently qualified as a physician and accepts a position as an associate with an existing practice in a Welsh mining village. He is appalled not only at the conditions he finds there but also with the way health care is delivered. He finds himself to be the only working doctor in the practice but most of the income goes to the elderly physician who contributes nothing. He also finds typhoid to be rife but a local town council that will do nothing to improve the water supply something he and a colleague, Dr. Philip Denny, are quite prepare to deal with in a unique way. In the end, he is forced to leave the community when his experiments into work-related illnesses is misunderstood. His attempt to establish himself in London is a challenge but a chance meeting with a colleague, Dr. Frederick Lawford, sets him up nicely with the elite of British society. He finds however that the practice of medicine is filled with incompetents, hypocrisy and deceit.

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