Eight Times Up / Huit Fois Debout (2009)

21 Feb

103m; France

Director: Xabi Molia

Synopsis: Elsa scrapes through to the end of each month by doing odd jobs. At night, she cleans buses in a deserted coach station, during the day she looks after a child for a young couple. Hoping to land a job with a contract, she attends interviews with disastrous results. Her neighbour Mathieu is also looking for work and seems to have achieved perfection in the art of failing interviews. One day, Elsa is evicted from her flat. She finds herself faced with a life of uncertainty with only a potted plant for company. Mathieu occasionally makes her offers of love that she’s not ready to accept. The temptation to leave it all behind leads Elsa to a forest in which Mathieu has already found refuge and set up camp.

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Posted by on February 21, 2012 in Children, Drama, Working Class


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