15 Days With You (15 Dias Contigo) (2005)

25 Oct

94m; Spain
Director: Jesus Ponce

Released back onto the streets after serving her time behind bars, a woman determined to keep out of trouble crosses paths with a shady old friend who might just drag her under in this drama from first-time director Jesus Ponce. Isabel (Isabel Ampudia) has barely been out of the joint for a day when she goes to the local hostel to rent a room and runs across her old pal Rufo (Sabastian Haro). Though Isabel knows that she would have to jettison her past in order to build any kind of sustainable future, the fact remains that she has no home to speak of so she reluctantly accepts Rufo’s offer to become roommates. Rufo is an AIDS-afflicted junkie who earns a meager living by parking cars, but while he’s a generous soul at heart he’s still an unpredictable addict willing to do anything for his next fix. Upon moving in with Rufo, Isabel begins to connect with a number of her new neighbors in the barrio – including friendly shop assistant Manuela (Mercedes Hoyos). At first it seems as if Isabel may be mindful enough to live on the streets without succumbing to the dangers that such a life implies, but when Rufo nicks a handbag and kills his dealer any sense of low-rent stability quickly dissipates.
~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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