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Deadline for Action (1946)


Director: Carl Marzani

Synopsis (WorldCat): This film analyses the post-World War II economic situation as experienced by one UE worker named Bill Turner. It focuses on the impact of the nation-wide strike in 1946 when over two million workers went out in protest over wage cutbacks. An animation sequence explains the role of multinational corporations and reveals their questionable business practices overseas during the war.



Silkwood (1983)

131m; U.S.

Director: Mike Nichols

Cast: Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell and Cher

Synopsis: Biographical film about Karen Silkwood, a chemical technician at a Kerr-McGee nuclear power plant in Oklahoma.  Silkwood became increasingly concerned about all manner of safety and health violations at the plant and worked with her union, the Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers to try to address them.  This led to escalating pressure from the company and eventually Silkwood’s death in a suspicious car accident.