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Farewell to Factory Towns?

Director Maynard Seider | USA, 61 min.

When a New England town creates an art museum in an old building, it fails to produce the jobs promised, and the city’s downtown remains semi-deserted. Should national policy change to bring a new “New Deal” to such towns?


Wage Slaves: Not Getting By in America (2002)

Director: Richard Ross

Looks at five people working in low-wage jobs in Nevada, Alabama, California, and Florida. Includes interviews with these workers, as well as with Barbara Ehrenreich, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, economics professor Donald Boudreaux, and author Walter Williams, among others.


Employee’s Entrance (1933)


Director: Roy del Ruth

Synopsis (WorldCat): A pre-code film about a heartless manager of a department store who makes a penniless woman pay dearly for her job. He forbids his apprentice to marry, but the apprentice secretly marries a bride with secrets of her own.

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Diamond Men (2001)


Director: Dan Cohen

Synopsis (Diamond Men): Eddie Miller (Robert Forster) has been selling jewelry to small stores in Pennsylvania for 30 years. After suffering a heart attack, he is told that he is no longer “insurable” to carry a line worth over a million dollars.  The only way Eddie can continue to work in the business he clings to for support is by breaking in his own replacement, Bobby Walker (Donnie Wahlberg), a brash kid whose every move rubs him the wrong way.


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Discounted Lives (1995)


Director: Will Durst

Synopsis (WordCat): Discusses the difficulties faced by K-Mart warehouse employees during their attempts to organize unions at the Manteno, Illinois and Greensboro, N.C. locations.

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