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The One Percent (2006)

doc; 80m, US
Directed by Jamie Johnson

In this hard-hitting but humorous documentary, director Jamie Johnson takes the exploration of wealth that he began in Born Rich one step further. The One Percent, refers to the tiny percentage of Americans who control nearly half the wealth of the U.S. Johnson’s thesis is that this wealth in the hands of so few people is a danger to our very way of life. Johnson captures his story through personal interviews with Robert Reich, Adnan Khashoggi, Bill Gates Sr., and Steve Forbes, during which both Johnson’s and his subjects’ knowledge and humor shine. And he’s not afraid to butt heads with Milton Friedman, the economist who coined the term “the trickledown effect.” He also shows how the other half lives, using real-world examples of the wealth gap: he takes a tour of a dilapidated housing project in Chicago, rides around with an enlightened taxi driver, and sees the human toll of the unfair economics of the Florida sugar industry. Johnson’s film is at its most powerful when it reveals how the super-rich work to preserve their own monetary dominance. As a member of the “Johnson & Johnson” family, he gets rare access to an exclusive wealth conference at which the über rich learn strategies for preserving their fortunes, and learns the personal management styles of some of the countries wealthiest employers. No great society has survived such a massive wealth gap; who knows if ours will? Written by Schafer, Nancy on IMDB


American Casino (2009)

89m; U.S.

Directors: Leslie and Andrew Cockburn

Synopsis: Tells the compelling story of the housing and financial crisis. It systematically explains what happened with the banks gambling with, and profiting from, other people’s investments, then the film walks through the housing crisis through the stories of specific people that it affected by fraudulent and discriminatory lending practices perpetrated on them. The documentary backs up to the system’s problems of credit default swaps/hedge funds and the role of the insurance companies and their bailout, and ends with the community and health and human problems this has created for the society as a whole.

Contact: Andrew Cockburn

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American Madness (1932)

75m; U.S.

Director: Frank Capra

Cast: Walter Huston

Synopsis: For twenty-five years, Tom Dickson, the President of Union National Bank, has had the bank, its employees and its clients in his best interest. In turn, his employees and the bank’s clients are fiercely loyal to Tom and the bank. The bank’s Board of Directors have a different view. They accuse Tom of being reckless, especially in being overly liberal in approving what they consider questionable loans. Tom defends his loan policy, stating that money in circulation is what is needed to help the country get out of the depression. The Board will do whatever it needs to to remove Tom from his position. When the bank is robbed of $200,000, one of Tom’s most loyal employees, Matt Brown, the newly appointed assistant head cashier, is implicated as the thief, although Tom believes Matt is innocent

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America’s Ruling Class (2005)

100m; U.S.

Director: John Kirby

Synopsis: Harper’s Magazine editor Lewis Lapham investigates whether America has a ruling class or not

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